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    Having a BS degree, Dan can intelligently distinguish between the correct advice to give vs. the opinion of someone with no professional training whatsoever. Dan has 18 years of experience in ascertaining the difference from what a person wants to hear and yet really needs to hear. Being a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Dan has no problem telling people exactly what they should do in certain situations with confidence. Although not always right he is rarely wrong.  Dan has answered many  people’s issues with great results, the rest he just hasn’t answered. Dan works at Home Depot and many times has been approached in the parking lot and asked if he is Dr. Phil. The best part is in the store when wives grab their husbands and say “Look it’s him!”
The real fun is when they receive a wink from “Phil” as he puts his finger up to his lips and motions for them to be quiet-like its part of a show or something.  Dan has a great amount of energy and a great sense of humor. Phil is usually seen as the serious logical thinking man who can analyze your issues and have an answer for you within minutes.  So if you have issues or know people with issues, that you want to have some fun with, then let Dan take them down that avenue for laughs as well as insights to their issues.

“Remember you can’t change what you don’t know!”